How to order

1st Step: Number of People
In this step, please specify how many people should be included in your drawing.

 2nd Step: Number of Pets
Here, you can choose whether you want to include pets in your drawing. If yes, please specify the number of pets to be drawn.

 3rd Step: Background
Please choose your favorite background. You can either pick an existing background or get a custom background. If you wish to get a custom background, please specify the details in the drawing notes and add a photo as orientation.

 4th Step: Drawing Notes
In this step, you can add notes that are important for the artist to consider. You can for example specify the clothes your character should be wearing, accessories, tattoos, hair color and other details you want to be considered in the drawing. The more details you give, the better the artist can draw you!

 5th Step: Upload your Photos
A picture says more than a thousand words. To make sure that our artists get a good image of you and your loved ones, please attach some high-quality pictures of the persons and/or pets that you would like to be drawn.