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Note: We do not offer tv-show figures or logos

Our experienced and motivated artists at Cartooned draw you in the style of your favorite cartoon and let you become a part of it!
Please keep in mind that this is a digital product only and that printing options can be added through the Print Shop.

 If you want a physical print to be sent to your home with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING, check out our Print Shop!

How long does it take?
Our team of talented and motivated artists work as fast as they can. We aim at sending your personal hand-drawn digital portrait to you within 2-5 days via E-Mail (weekends included). If you wish to receive your masterpiece also in a physical form (poster, canvas, mug), there will be an additional dispatch time of 5-15 days after your approval of the digital drawing.  

How is my masterpiece sent?
Your custom cartoon portrait will be sent to you digitally via e-mail as soon as it is finished. This digital file is suitable for printing, as well as for sharing on social media. We also offer a variety of print options with FREE worldwide shipping. The printed versions of your custom portrait are sent to you via FedEx, DHL, UPS or DPD (or other shipping providers) depending on your location.

What if I am not satisfied with my cartoon portrait?
Our artists are hand-picked and put all their passion and talent in every drawing to make each portrait unique. However, sometimes drawing only based on a photo can be challenging and personal details can be missed. Therefore, we are always willing to make revisions until you are 100% satisfied with your custom cartoon portrait.

Nonetheless, it is the customer’s responsibility to provide as many high-quality photos as possible and to specify all details that should be included in the drawing when placing the order in the corresponding field. All details not included in the order notes will be considered by your personal artist and, depending on the dimension of changes, might result in additional charges.

Can I see a preview before placing my order?
Unfortunately, we cannot provide a preview of your individual drawing before placing the order, as our drawings are not made with standard computer programs but are 100% hand-drawn by our illustrators. To get an impression of what your final masterpiece could look like, we try to provide as many reference drawings as possible.

Why Cartooned?
We are quick, motivated, experienced and cartoon-lovers ourselves. You will receive your personal and unique high-quality artwork within just 2-5 days. We are always happy to help you and will answer every request as fast as possible. Making our customers happy is our main goal and we will do anything we can to make you happy, too!

Can you work from more than one photo of a person?
Absolutely – pictures say more than a thousand words! The more photos, the better. Just let us know in the description which details are important from each photo and let the artist do the rest. However, please make sure that the pictures provide a sufficient quality, as our artists don’t know you personally and can only work based on your photos.

I have a large group, what should I do?
No problem! Should the number of people exceed 10 persons, you can just write an e-mail to or use the contact page and we can discuss all required details.

Can you suggest some ideas for my drawing?
To create the perfect custom cartoon portrait, details are king! You have a special hobby, favorite food or drink, sport, clothes? Just let us know and we can make your portrait extra unique and special by adding these details creatively.

You have a favorite place or specific movie scene that you would like to see in your masterpiece? Just choose the option “Custom Background”, send us photos and a brief description and we create your custom background!

Can I track my order?
Yes! For every physical order, we will send you a tracking number after the printing is done and the order is on its way to you. For digital orders, we cannot provide automated information on the order status.

Can I have my order sent to a packing station?
Of course! Just specify the corresponding address of your station when filling out the information for the delivery address.

What is your refund policy?
As we sell individualized products only, there is no right of withdrawal after the order has been placed and the illustration has been started to be drawn. However, we do offer product revisions and provide 100% customer satisfaction by considering all your wishes for changes.